• RELEASE DATE /March, 01 2021
  • CATALOG /CU003
  • FORMAT /Digital EP

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Few words

Have you ever heard about the Earls of Pembroke? Two of the greatest gamba players were in their service, Captain Tobias Hume and Karl Friedrich Abel. Hume was not only a viol player but also soldier and captain. In his publication “Musicall Humors” he takes us with him to dancing halls, private chambers, as well as to the fanfares and turmoil of battle fields. Hume dedicates this work full of stories and sounds from his life to the 3rd Earl of Pembroke, an important supporter of art and dedicatee of Shakespeare´s sonetts.

Around 160 years later Karl Friedrich Abel, one of the last viol virtuosos of the 18th century, was the teacher of the wife of Henry Herbert 10th Earl of Pembroke. Abel was not only a pioneer of a new style but also the link between baroque and classic: born in Köthen, where his father was member of J.S.Bach´s orchestra, he lived the major part of his life in London. One of his prominent guests there was the young W.A. Mozart.


Viola da gamba in Urbanetz’s hands sounds characterful, the sound is precise, with a claw, but also singing when required by the work. He is aware of what and how he wants to say, which on stage gives him great confidence, freedom and composure. The listener can be immersed in its sound. This evening Christoph definitely rocked the Krakow stage, and we heard it.

– Caterina Callada TGZ